Natural Hot Spring

A blessing of the land created at the foot of Mt. Tateyama, Bijin no Yu


A hot spring at the foot of Mt. Tateyama with a powerful skin-beautifying effect.
The constituent elements of the hot spring slowly sink into skin to gently remove built-up everyday fatigue and stress.

Hot spring efficacy and amenities

Spring properties Sodium bicarbonate salt spring
Skin beautifying effect Smooths skin
Efficacy Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, poor circulation, fatigue, cuts, burns, chronic skin conditions, skin-beautifying effect, etc.
Amenities Shampoo/rinse, body soap, hair dryers, towels, bath towels, yukata robes, toothbrushes

Day-trip bathing

Day-trip bathing is currently suspended as a COVID-19 contagion prevention measure.