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You can purchase a same-day reserved seat ticket in the morning and relax in your room until departure time.

There's a lot to like! Hospitality, the pride of Senjuso

  • Great for mountain climbing and sightseeing the first thing in the morning

    Breakfast served according to departure time

  • Great for casual sightseeing!

    Luggage/car storage service

  • The rice balls of Tateyama are outstanding!

    Lunch boxes are available

The many other features of Senjuso include a location just a 30-second walk from the Tateyama Cable Car platform and meals made with plentiful foods from Toyama!

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Senjuso's baths are natural hot spring water from Mt. Tateyama! Feel the blessings of the land on your skin.

Senjuso serves seasonal meals that include fresh fish landed in Toyama Bay and wild plants harvested in Tateyama. Please enjoy your fill of Koshihikari rice from Toyama Prefecture!